Hgh Diet Drops

to receive all orders bottle 14 and 18 free African mango and HCG maintenance, what is hCG? HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone, to ensure that food in large quantities in the early stages of pregnancy sufficient for developing baby. It is also in times of hunger, helping a person who survive a lack of proper nutrition. What hCG diet drops work? If the body very poor diet subjected one of calories HCG will communicate with the hypothalamus (responsible for the maintenance of homeostasis of the body, including the metabolic rate and fat storage is) know can begin with body fat stored in the long term as the main source of fuel. This process is essentially unwanted body fat in the diet for the body to use, so lose weight comes from fat deposits. 1 start time recharge - hcg drops as follows: 10-20 drops 3 times a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and before going to bed. Make sure the drops under the tongue hold for 30 seconds and neither eat nor drink 15 minutes before or after you take the drops. Then you need two days to eat as much as possible of high fat foods such as Bacon, butter, butter, cheese, ice cream and cake. The drops will begin to work, so that you not so hungry, as usual especially after the first day. It might seem surprising that how difficult it is, as the food of very high fat content, but the best thing to eat as much as you can, because it helps you to be more successful in general food. If you can scrimp and save, when we start the next step you feel tired and hungry. Don't worry you about the weight that you receive this. It will gone be and generally after the first days of the low calorie diet. Weight - loss of phase-3-2Desde. Day, will begin the low calorie diet. You eat 2 servings per day, in each of the following 4 categories: proteins, vegetables, fruit and bread. (See list of foods for more details on what to eat, how you prepare it and a part of it, which is allowed). You can share the times you eat but to eat everything at once. You have to lose more than 34 pounds, drops may take six weeks or longer. If you for 6 weeks or longer take the drops, they must remain in the low-calorie diet, but take the drops a day every week. This prevents your body from becoming immune to HCG. If you are at the end of the course, the drop of the revenue, but continues with the low calorie diet during the 3 days. This enables the effect of HCG to disappear. If you want even more weight to lose, after completing a course, please wait at least 3 weeks before the recovery. Make sure that you should be eating no sugar or starch in the break of 3 weeks. 3After, that stabilization - think of truth 3 days without passing keep low-calorie diet, you can start to eat more. You have to follow to avoid foods with sugar and starch for 3 weeks. This of course does not mean high levels of sugar like cookies or ice cream. It means also bananas, mangoes, potatoes, pasta and bread. Now you dairy products, fats, oils, nuts, etc. who does it best, back add time to food a to a, so you can see how your body reacts. In this phase 2 phase must be reached within 2 pounds less weight. At this stage, is it very important, first yourself every morning (after using the toilet) weigh a consistent number of go through. If you have reached two kilos over the minimum weight, they need to do daily meat on this day. One day the meat is where only water is drunk during the day until dinner. For dinner, eat a big steak and a tomato/Apple. If you go, you'll know that he has eaten something too sugary or strength / has an allergic reaction to a food that is eaten. If you have a mild allergic reaction to a food, the intestines swell and water, which manifests as to gain weight. Through this process, they can determine if you have allergies, hgh diet drops you can avoid food in the future. Maintenance - 4After the 3 weeks of the stabilizing phase, can begin to add in starches and sugars: bread, potatoes, bananas, mangoes and sweet. You were sugar and starch for several weeks now help you not wishing that she both, will be to make it easier, healthy decisions. Make sure not to spend, in sugar and starch because it is very easy to eat too much of it. Also continue to weigh yourself every morning. You are more than 2 kilos on the achieved minimum weight do meat, as in step 3 on the day. Make sure that on the same day to do the Giornatabistecca, which goes beyond the limit of 2 pounds; Otherwise, it is not effective. If you follow this simple plan you are to maintain your new weight. HCG FOODSPROTEINTwo diet approval parts DayOne part is equal to 100 g / 3. 5 oz (weight cooked in) remove all the fat from meat and weighs them before cooking. There are no oils can be used for the cooking of meat and spices, contain the sugar carefully. Visit our website for delicious recipes. ShrimpWhite-chicken fish (Tilapia, Grouper, etc,) extra lean ground BeefLean cuts of steak-VEGETABLESTwo-CrabVeal servings per day (the original protocol is a serving of veggies not very specific size, use your judgment. You can use the following as a guide) a part corresponds to approx. 200 g - 400 g/6-8 ounces of vegetables. Do not mix vegetables. Just a vegetable is allowed for each meal, but the onion can be used as a condiment. Visit our website for delicious recipes. A part of the SpinachLettuce (Romaine, green leaf, red leaf, etc.). Green CucumbersTomatoesCeleryOnionsChard BREADTwo FennelRadishesAsparagusCabbageChicoryBeet equal parts 1 piece (for the part in the container not to go) Melba toast is available in most stores. Sticks, bread is available in health food stores and Italian markets. FRUITTwo-ToastGrissini, that is parts by Melba by DayOne part synonymous with approx. 125 g - 175 g / 4-6 fruit of ounces of. Visit our website for delicious recipes. Strawberry grapefruit (in the rule 5) AppleOrange (few) BEVERAGESThere there is no restriction on the amount, but try to consume at least 2 litres / 64 ounces of fluid a day. Black CoffeeTea (recommended green tea) WaterSparkling SWEETENERSThere water is no restriction on the amount, but only Stevia and saccharin (sweet ' n low) are allowed in phase 2. Without aspartame, sucralose, sugar-free is or other sweetener. No restriction on the type or the amounts of spices is spices and SEASONINGSThere. Make sure that your spices contain no sugar. Discover our delicious recipes of HCG and,.