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November 12, 2008 is my 5 stars for this recipe, as written. Out of this world awesome can totally with the changes, I would give this 10 stars with the changes. I learned (from several Polish ancestors) you use the meat in half and half the country for Golumbki tender and flavorful pork. Cook the rice in water, with 2 hgh gg added dice meat. (add any additional salt to the mixture of meat). Add meat, c. 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder. Pepe likes big, but this dish sing made! (Well, my family has sung). He had tripled this recipe with great success. If you enough to do go through the hassle of Golumbki, to freeze another meal or for a family reunion. Questions to cook cabbage leaves, instead they freeze. (Tripling it took 2 heads of cabbage and 48 rolls). The difference between soft rubbery leaves or cabbage boil cabbage. My family is always flushed loan crushed German sweet and sour stuffed cabbage leaves. This mixture pour the tomato sauce and garnished with slices of Bacon (uncooked). No, it's not for weak hearts free fat consumers, but for those, the traditional Cabbbage rolls (Golumbki), they and their children to swallow that and begging for more! The last thing this Court well, made in large quantities in then freezes had nothing to worry about. -Full review Vicky Gunkel See,.