High Cpu Usage

Right click on the program and priorities for selection on the shortcut menu. SELECT under or normal option, change the priority of the program. Download the program Cacheman (see resources). Save the program to your desktop, and then double-click the installation file to install the program. Many users of computers multifunction without realizing it. ITunes songs to play while the pages of heavy surf in the Internet media, wrote an article in the background antivirus software are running and enable different programs (like Adobe or Windows) to the updates. It is simply common sense: high cpu usage most programs use a computer, in addition to the CPU usage will go. And if you're the kind of person, multitasking needs, match the configuration of your system (Msconfig. Exe), quit all nonessential applications, when the system starts running (see the link in the resources of this procedure). Service ScenarioWindows Management Instrumentation (WinMgmt) or the provider WMI (Wmiprvse. exe) consumes large amounts of CPU. In the following instructions may already class WMI service on your problems have broken. The default WMI core actions of the Svchost process other services with certain network operations. It's a display using Svchost process high cpu, you can use add tasks for the PID column Manager and identify which Svchost process has high memory consumption. In a symbol, type Tasklist/svc and PID # Search and determine whether you can perform a single service or multiple services SVC host processes. If several services, it may be necessary for each service under an own Svchost process is running to determine if the WMI service (WinMgmt), that caused the problem. From my experience, the WMI service is more than rarely, but not always. Thus could propose to break first and check to see if it is caused by excessive consumption of storage into the shared Svchost process. If you think that the service Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), break down and follow the signs. Delete the WMI service on a separate Svchost process. Sc query running WinMgmt to ensure that the status of the service is now runs in its own Svchost process. If the problem is not due more to process, run the service on its own Svchost, Svchost process in the village divided by the following command from the command line: .