Mclean High School

SIGN UP FOR CREW EMAILSA very important tool we have to all events and schedule change is our electronic mailing list. On the right of this article, you will see the link to the record. It is in two stages, which ' calls authorized by the webmaster. This ensures that receives no spam and helps to prevent abuse. At that time, you will receive all updates by e-mail, shorthand for the hours and the latest changes. Women rower should apply for the male or mclean high school the mailing list, and parents must register for the parent email list.   It is the primary means of communication for the families of the crew, therefore please in the email list. _ _ _ Alumni of McLean high can use this site to get in touch with old friends from high school in Texas. Students top McLean in Texas, see the details of the type that has been posted by other site visitors. In addition, we recommend that you post your profile in the Alumni Directory to share information on the activities of the involved with a school and find lost friends. If you have not does, we register for free on this Web site. You can check the latest news and school memories. McLean finished in 1 ° place in the AAA Wachovia Cup for academics, 1999 / 2000. In 2009, McLean Highlanders Football Club made its first trips to the playoffs in 12 years. They finished 6-5, after a 0 - 10 in 2008. the biggest change in the history of the State. Point highlight of the season came 12 years awarded secondary in a match of overtime 35-34 against rival victory Rotary Cup, the trophy for the winner of every sporting event between the two schools and the battle of the Scots for the first time in Langley. Two authors of the study of the national history won the award of the year in school. The first was a report on alcohol consumption, the game on Friday, in the homes of students occurs. The other was a sports story that reveals that he chews tobacco at the school by coaches and their players to be. The Highlander exists, since the opening of the school. In 1956, drew Hill, but was changed in 1958 to the Highlander. Since the first publication in the magazine is only a newspaper for a news magazine. In 2012, the magazine tested a Web, the publication online of the Highlander. This article should be more citations for verification. Please help us improve this article by citing reliable sources. Hardware promotional can be challenged and removed. .